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Dr. Zoe Y Zhao


Dr. Zoe Y. Zhao is a highly experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 30 years of practice. She is a Registered Acupuncturist in Alberta and a member of the AATCMD (Alberta Association of Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors).

Dr. Zoe Y. Zhao obtained her degree from HLJ Traditional Chinese Medical University in China. During her time in China, she worked at the Centre Hospital of Aerospace Industry Group, where she served as an intern in the Infections Department and as a resident physician in the Neurology, Respiratory, and Digestive Departments. She also worked as a physician in the Department of Cardiovascular Disease and Kidney Disease, and later became the physician in charge of the Department of Tumors.

After relocating to Calgary, Dr. Zoe Y. Zhao began practicing acupuncture at Full Motion Chiropractic & Massage Clinic located in the North Hill Shopping Centre, as well as at Mah Chiropractic Clinic in the World Health Sport Club. In 2005, she established her own Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Harvest Hills Professional Building, dedicated to providing acupuncture services to her community.

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